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New collaborative project with writer Sally Slattery. Close-to-the-heart stories about living in a tourist town, and the loves that pass through.











Beyond that, many projects in the works…mostly sequential comics… artwork has been pushed to the wayside until I move into my new place. I want to focus on so much that I ends up scattering like crows.

Starting video projects soon with a new company, and continuing to design and illustrate. There’s not a lot I like to give all my time to…but I would like that to change. I’ll been flitting about for many many years now. Great opportunities squandered in many arenas. But through losing those, I’ve been trying to be more patient. With art, with careers, with my heart. I hope it can pay off. Back on the tracks. Now, just need to catch up to the steam engine…

  Besides a multitude of projects that I can’t quite show yet, I also have a few more everyday ones. This skate deck was done for a charity to finance a skate park for kids in my old home. I still have deep ties there, and feel like it is my second home. But also there is a lot of pain there, but it’s getting better. This board is for those dead-quiet late-night walks near Moonlight Bay. The show will be up this summer at Base Camp Coffee in Sister Bay.

Beyond that, many things are in the works, and I hope to be able to share them as soon as possible.

Just over a week ago I began a blog project. To visual chronicle on paper what I ate over the course of each day. I hope this not only concentrates my attention to what food choices I make, helps me recognize habits, and hopefully lose some of my 30 extra lbs I’ve accumulated at my desk, but also starts the day off with some drawing, which always leads to more creative sparkling.

Doodle Diet

When the Art World hurts to even look at (e.g. Mr. Brainwash) I remember this quote I wrote down from a Hirst book in the rare book catacombs at university…even though Damien counts himself as a sellout.

“What is art?

It’s a fucking poor excuse for life, innit, eh? Art-schmart, God-schmod, Jesus-schmeesus… I have proved it to myself that art is about life and the Art World is about money.  And I’m the only one who fucking knows that. Everyone lies to themselves to make it seem like it’s the other way. But it isn’t.”

-Damien Hirst

Sketches of the week. Dreams and studies for larger paintings…and a chicken lady that appeared in my sketchbook. Pretty rough.

Loving sketch nights at Third Coast Comics (thursdays usually). Here’s a few of the dastardly doodles that gin & peanut butter cups produce.

“Batman and Robin Go to the Zoo” was an order I took. Grant you, I sadly don’t think I ever drew Batman as a young tracer. I made mine Marvel through and through (I think it was because they had more boobs in them[hey I was 13…not that much has changed]). After not wanting to draw more B&R funday activities, and after much gin, I decided to gonzofy Batman and Robin as conjoined twins, but Robin was a rather puny tumoresque twin. My protest was noted as Packer drew this portrait of me.