Working on a small graphic story to be released in January. Wanted to share some sketches for the idea. It’s about a young girl who reads funny books (aka comix) under her quilts at night.


A few ink(lings) of the past. This is a visual short-story publish in the 2009 issue of Knock: Door County.

Another short.

Very brief piece included in The Folio Lit & Arts Magazine.

Wanted to display a little finished work, and a few in progress from a new series. The first was featured in the Peninsula Pulse up in Door County, as a evolving winter project.

nestIMG_4177Two new works of gouache and ink on wood.

The first piece, “Once titled” earned a juror’s award at the Door County Young Artist show. More work to come soon, as well as a place to purchase online.

posting a  few paintings in progress, just to see the transformation/changes/screw-ups. one of some dude laying in the snow, not sure what he’s up, and then my free ghost of an old, happy man. the teeth are gold-leafed, the background was a gamble and still have to work it out. thinking about some fumage, or smoke painting, to get some interesting background textures.


This is from my BFA senior project. In all it consisted of 4 six foot panels of monks & blossoms. Studying zen painting that year, I tried to capture that attack style to the panel, spontaneous looking and without holding back. For the skin, I returned to the Flemish style I am used to painting in. This piece, “Tulpa”, is the Tibetan name for a metaphysical being. Each monk was blossoming with a flower commonly associated with vegetables, squash, tomato, potato, and persimmon (which isn’t so vegetabley). Trying to investigate the aspects of masculinity that are not in the forefront: steadfastness, creation, discipline, fragility of ego, I wanted to bring these flowers that had masculinity, if possible! Release!

tulpcloseI think one of the spurning ideas in this project was Leonard Cohen’s poem “I heard of a man…” Though I think I just wrote one line down and ran with it. The line, silence blossoms like tumors on our lips. Here’s the whole poem:

I heard of a man
who says words so beautifully
that if he only speaks their name
women give themselves to him.

If I am dumb beside your body
while silence blossoms like tumors on our lips.
it is because I hear a man climb stairs and clear his throat outside the door.

-Leonard Cohen, from “Let Us Compare Mythologies”

In junction with the 4 large paintings, I made a short film/animation called, “The Monk and the Outlaw” where I played two sides of a man, and shaved my head for the second role!



Last winter, I had a lot of time — I picked up the fiddle, and I started this series of figures, simple, light gouche washes, and black ink. I liked the way it looks, clearer than painting I’m used to, and the style still pervades some of my work. The paper I still use, Rives BFK paper, is so tactile and comforting (although unforgiving if you need to erase).

yosefThe first piece came about in concert with me picking up the fiddle. I had been reading about the late violinist Josef Hassid, who was a child prodigy in the 1930’s. He only made nine recorded pieces, played for the Queen at 15, and suffered a memory lapse mid-performance. At 18, he underwent a complete mental breakdown, and spent time in and out of the asylum until he died resulting from a lobotomy at the age of 26. Being 26 last winter, I had to make some parables. I was listening to a lot of violin music while drawing this semi-self/josef portrait, Paganini, Bach, Schubert, Andrew Bird, as well as a lot of Handsome Family, hence the blackbird whispering “goodbye”.


Looking back at artwork, you can start to tell why you made it, because you don’t really know when you are in the act of making it, at least I don’t! This one also is tied to aging. Beyond that, I just like the image, and the “equation of insignificance” I call it.

Life = x/∞


This became what mark-making can often become, meditation. An exercise in detail, but keeping it simple, keeping my mind occupied and body warm. Music also influenced this work. Listening to the Frames more than humanly possible for the week of painting this.